Monday, October 26, 2009

So far so good

I am on vacation. That is always a good thing. So far I spent the weekend at my parent's house with the boys. I went shopping with my mom, took Owen and Avery to visit my girlfriend and her daughter, went to a Halloween party Saturday night, then went to the casino and out with friends.

The casino was fun. I won $35 and then went on to our usual place and met up with friends. We had a really good time. I wasn't driving so I had a few drinks and it felt really good to be out with friends laughing and having fun.

Today was my first official day and the boys and I overslept. Normally Owen is wide awake somewhere around 6:45 but this morning, nope. We woke up at 8:30, I knew it was late because it was light out but when I turned on Nick JR and Jack's Big Music Show was on I knew we were in trouble. Evan starts school at 8:55 so he was about 45 minutes late. Dropped little squirt off at daycare and spent the day cleaning my upstairs. My plan is cleaning the basement and weeding through clothes tomorrow.

Wednesday I am off to the salon. Not sure what I want yet but something different. Something maybe chocolaty brown and blonde.

Hoping to accomplish lots this week. Maybe some Christmas planning out of the way. I might even go to the movies by myself.

I am not at work so anything I do is good times!

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