Wednesday, October 21, 2009


There is nothing like getting a little perspective in your life. Feeling sorry for yourself? Feeling down? Thinking that the world is out to get you and nothing is going wrong? You can maybe think of others who have it worse than you and make yourself feel better... OR you can do this.

You can go read NieNie You can read about a woman who has faced death and survived and does so with such an uplifting, beautiful spirit that you can only then look at yourself and feel guilty for that little pity party you just threw.

I recently discovered NieNie through other blogs and its amazing how one woman can touch so many lives by just being herself. The tragedy that this couple has gone through and come out of in inspiring. All around us we listen to people complain and whine and moan about everything and most of the time, it's small potatoes. Nothing. Just a little annoyance that has occurred.

When you feel sorry for yourself just remember that.

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