Monday, October 5, 2009

I'm Starving!!!

So I started Weight Watchers last week. They are offering through work and we meet weekly at lunchtime. It's all part of our company's Fit 4 Life program. The cool thing is if we attend at least 10 meetings I get half my money back through my insurance company!

First of all, I don't think I eat alot. I have my days but I am not one of those eat whole pack of chips, cookies, carton of ice cream people. I like food but always try and get my fruits and veggies every day and try and drink lots of water.

My problem is I sit on my butt ALL DAY at work. I am literally tied to my desk! I try and walk sometimes at lunch but I don't always remember tennis shoes and sometimes its not always safe to walk by yourself.

So I am trying this. One of the other girls on my floor is doing it also. There are about 40 other women in the bank and I am happy to report that although I wanted to vomit when I saw my actual weight, I was actually on the smaller end of the scale. I am tall so I carry my weight well most of the time.

We figured out how many points we get and how to eat filling foods and I didn't really need to do all kinds of shopping so I thought I was set.

My problem lies in the psychological aspect of DIETING. Now I know they say WW isn't dieting but it is. I never crave food more than when I can't have it. I was thinking yesterday how hungry I was even though I had just ate. My girlfriend called me yesterday saying the same thing. We just need to think about what we are eating.

It doesn't help that we had a tailgate potluck at work on Friday and two birthdays today.

Needess to say I am chewing alot on minty gum to keep from eating.

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