Friday, June 12, 2009

Freakin out Friday

I am establishing a new day out here in Blogland. I have seen Wordless Wednesday and Thankful Thursday and so on and so forth. I have yet to see Freakin out Friday so here we go.

Why am I freaking out you ask? For various reasons, some very small and some a little bigger at least in my deluded mind.
1. My house is a mess and it's driving me crazy. Evan had three games this week and I really need to dust, vacuum, clean the bathroom and just in general pick up. I sit here at work thinking how I need to clean.

2. They moved our desks at work this week. Same job, same people, but our boss finally got tired of the people who were bickering and bitching to him so he moved the majority of us. I was in the corner in a nice quiet cubicle, I didn't have to look at anyone if I didn't want to , and now, now I am in the middle of the PIT! Right smack in the middle of the room and it's loud, and I am facing people and I feel like I am on display. I am not complaining to anyone (except you) because it is what it is but I still don't like it.

3. I keep having dreams about that person and last night was a DOOZY. I dreamt that he was at my parent's house of all places, and he was talking about going on a date. When I asked him who he was going on a date with he looked at me and leaned in with a little smile and said "Well you of course", then he kissed me. I wished I was still sleeping.

I could go on but that is the gist for the week. I am sure I will have a plethora of issues next week!

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  1. don't you hate it when your dreams are better than your real life?