Friday, February 13, 2009

Thankful Thursday on Friday

For the last few weeks I have been wanting to post a Thankful Thursday.

Thursday rolls around and I don't have time. Yesterday I was off but was vacuuming water out of my basement in the morning. That happens when you have 50 degree weather in Michigan in February. Then I had the big boy's Valentine's Party. Then his second grade musical which was absolutely adorable! So here I am on Friday night posting Thankful Thursday.

My Thankful Thursday is dedicated to my friend Candi. I work with her. She is wonderful. She is marvelous. OK, before I break out into song, she is the best person you could ever be friends with. She is kind, giving, caring, cheerful, funny, creative, loving, trusting, etc. The verbs could go on and on.

Candi is fantastic. She is uber-creative. She loves her family and her friends and is almost always in a cheerful, fun mood. She welcomes people to her home and makes them feel like part of the family. My childred absooutely adore her. All children love her!

Candi is like my rock. I would say like a mother except she is too young, more like a combo of a favorite aunt/older sister. We have become very close and I have been able to confide in her all the problems I have been having with my marriage and she listens and counsels with the wisdom of someone who has been in my shoes. Her faith in God never wavers and she is very open and honest with her beliefs. I know that I can go to her any time and she will listen openly, not judging and give me advice at just the right times.

I cannot tell you how Thankful I am that God put someone like Candi in my life. I love you Candi!

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  1. I <3 Candi too. I miss her. She is like my Mary Poppins!