Wednesday, February 4, 2009

My Sweetboy

I call my oldest my sweet boy, because that is what he is a sweet, sweet boy. He is kind and considerate and lovable. He is more reserved and shy and reminds me alot of myself at that age.
He can be a pest. He can be mouthy. He can be naughty. Usually that is reserved for me. Everyone else, especially his Grandma's think he is the best little boy who graced this planet.

He never usually gets in trouble outside of home. This week he got into trouble not once, but twice at school. First he got a detention slip home. The dreaded blue slip. He was to miss both recesses on Monday. They had indoor recess and one of the boys in his class was bothering him, would not leave him alone, so he swatted him on the behind. The boy did not run and tell, but another teacher observed the incident and that is a big no-no at school. I wrote the teacher a note stating this was just a case of boys being boys especially 7 year old boys and she knocked it down to one recess.

The second incident was yesterday. Every morning in class they have starters and a math starter. They don't have to turn it in but periodically the teacher checks it. He says he did not understand it but did not ask for help, just chose not to do it. His teacher asked for it and he said it was done, but alas it was not. She sent home a different slip, one that he had to write out and explain what happened. We had a long talk about personal responsibility and asking for help. He also completed the paper and got to write sentences today.

He was absolutely crushed. You would have thought he got suspended from school. He does not like to be in trouble at all, no matter how small it may be. I hugged him and told him he was a good boy and a smart boy and just needed to make better choices. Don't we all.

I wish he felt that way at home. He has no problem acting up for his mother

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