Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Great Binky/Bottle Debate

Since the dawn of time, OK not dawn of time, but since children have had binks and bottles, mothers everywhere have pondered the question- when do I wretch these items out of my child's hands and mouths forever? With my first on the bottle was gone by the time he was 16 months and the bink by the time he was three. The bottle was a non-issue, that only took a day. The bink I finally just banished when I saw him stuffing two in his mouth at the same time.

My youngest is almost 18 months old and he still has both. He is very much a creature of habit. He knows when its time for his bath then his bottle. He will scream like a banshee for his bottle. He screams if he can't find his bink. He can drink just fine out of a sippy cup but he prefers milk in the bottle. My pediatrician recommended that we get rid of the bottle by 15 months. I didn't mention it at his last appointment and she never brought it up so I felt OK. I know I need to take it away but I just can't. It's so nice to snuggle with him in the morning when he has it, watching his little mouth wrap around the bottle like a baby calf. My other excuse is the other little guy at day care still has his so I couldn't possibly take Owen's away.
He loves his bottle, and since this is more than likely my last baby I want to let him have it as long as possible

The bink also is not a big deal for me, like I said my oldest had his till age 3, and it wasn't all the time then, just naps and bedtimes. This little baby however would keep his in his mouth 24/7, and since he is teething, I don't even have the heart to take it away.
Look how adorable he is, how could anyone possibly take anything away from such a beautiful boy?

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