Wednesday, December 31, 2014

The way I remember it

Ah 2014..... in a few hours you will be over and we will be flipping the calendar on a new year.  At the top...a fresh pages on which to leave an impression, new memories to make.

I know a lot of people think this way.  As if the stroke of midnight and the leaving behind of a year either good, bad or otherwise will then render them new and fresh.

I don't feel that way....I know, surprise surprise.  I like to see this as more of a realistic outlook rather than cynicism. Self-preservation.   My big-eyed, sunny outlook on the world dissipated long ago.

I had a good year.  A different year; unlike any I have had in my life.  I doubt like any I will have again.  I didn't work at all, instead went back to school full time.  That was a bit weird.  At first anyway.  Now I don't ever want to work again. (Just kidding) But seriously, it has been phenomenal being able to be at everything for my kids and not worry, and although I know it's coming to an end.
I have enjoyed it immensely.

So what have I done this year?  Let's see:

  • Completed 38 college credits by going to school full time year round (and made Dean's List)
  • Went to six concerts including my ultimate bucket list....Pearl Jam
  • Went to Charleston, SC twice! I love that city and got to take my boys the second time around
  • Ran in seven races...not as many as years past but still
  • Got two tattoos
  • Developed my faith even deeper than before
  • Lost more weight by working out and eating healthy and lots of inches as well
  • Took my boys to some really cool places in Michigan
  • Spent many long drunken evenings with friends, talking and making the world right
  • Became a Hospice Caregiver Respite volunteer
  • Volunteered at several events for homeless and hungry and needy
  • Put up a free library in my front yard (with the help of some awesome friends)
  • Grew my first garden successfully
  • Watched a few people who I love dearly get married and hopefully live long happy lives together
  • Wrote more this year than I have in my life thanks to an awesome class and gorgeous professor
  • Went on several first dates...only first because apparently I am not everyones cup of tea
  • Realized though the above may be true there is nothing wrong with me, I am awesome and fantastic
  • Kissed quite a few really cute men
  • Made some really poor decisions
  • Made some excellent ones
  • Learned that words are just words and not promises although I knew that already
I have had quite a year.  Good, bad and in-between.  I hold no illusions for next year except more of the same.  I know me, and I don't do resolutions, I just try and be better every year

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