Thursday, February 17, 2011

Confessions of a Bibliophile....

Wanna know a secret?? I love to read. Well, that isn't actually a secret. Most people who know me well know that about me. What you may not know if I have this affliction that causes me to read several books at one time. Right now I am only reading two, but a week ago it was four. Two on my Nook and two actual "real" books.

Legend has it I have been reading since about three and half. I don't think I was that gifted, I was probably closer to four, but I digress. I know that I was always in a reading group by myself in school and was about 1-2 books ahead of everyone else. I read books that I probably shouldn't have at an early age. I read Gone With The Wind when I was ten.

Even though I am only reading two books right now I have several books "waiting in the wings". Books from the library. Books borrowed from my sisters. Books I have gotten from garage sales. In the middle of all that I will pick up a book I have read about 4,000 times and read that again. I come by it honestly. My mom and dad are readers. My sisters are readers. In fact my youngest sister has some serious issues with books, I think she has about 500 books and half of them she hasn't read yet. I don't actually keep that many books. I just borrow from her or check them out from the library. The last books I actually bought to keep are the Twilight Series. You have to have those, it's a must.

My parents got me a Nook for Christmas. Great right? All the books you can read on one device. Yeah, I have about 40 books on there and only have read about 6. Plus it takes me all day to buy books because I want so many of them.

I do have my standards when it comes to reading though. I will NOT read any trashy stuff like Harlequin novels. I like to believe I am above that nonsense. I just cannot bring myself to pick up a book that has Fabio on the front cover. And the plot lines are all the same. Please, I have better fantasies in my head.

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  1. I do not have issues with books. It is a hobby- I collect them....Ok maybe I have issues...But if I didn't where would you get all the books to read hmmm?

    Love you Kelly