Sunday, June 28, 2009

Thirteen Pies and a Bloody Lip

What a weekend. The plan was to just hang around home and clean. Friday night my friend from work and I went to see The Proposal. Awesome movie and I am not saying that just because I lust after Ryan Reynolds. It was funny enough for a guy who might get dragged along by his woman.

Saturday was cleaning day but I was tired from the late movie so I took a nap while the baby did (I really have to quit calling him a baby since he will be two in August.) I did clean but slower than normal. My darling husband came home and mowed the lawn then came in and proceeded to argue with the oldest about something mundane, so they were yelling and Evan stormed to his room. He was jumping around on his bed and came down hard on the end of his bed which has a foot rail and smashed his lips onto his teeth. Blood everywhere. Luckily after several mouthfuls of water and some ice on the lip, it quit bleeding. The blood came out of his quilt and sheets also.

Today I went over to my co-worker Jennie's house and we baked 13 pies. Seriously. Our boss's birthday is Tuesday but we are having his birthday at work tomorrow. The peach pie we made is for him to take home and enjoy with his wife. We work with about 45 people in our department and of course there will be hanger-ons who always show up when we have food so we should have plenty.

I only got one phone call while I was there. I left at 8:30 and was home by 2:00 but that was a little too much to ask. The rest of the day was just not fun at all. A lot of sniping and bickering and I finally went for a bike ride about 8:30 till the sun went down. It's sad to admit but sometimes I look forward to Monday morning and going back to work!

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